Francisco Baviera Bea, Booth-Fickett, Computer Skills 6th – 8th grade

Photo of Francisco Baviera Bea

“I love being a teacher because you can give so much.  It’s non-stop giving: advice, knowledge, manners, experience.  But, even more than that is how much I unexpectedly receive from the students every single day. The most fulfilling part for me is when I am greeting the students in the hallway, because I’m not only greeting them, which is very nice, but I see students from other periods going through.  They stop and say hi and they are happy for this or that, they say thank you, or they give you something. You receive much more in return and that’s very fulfilling.  One more good thing about being a teacher is that, in the United States, socially it is very respected. When I say I am a middle school teacher, usually people say “Thank you for what you are doing”. I feel always respected.”

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