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Cecilia Siruno, Doolen Middle School, French Teacher

Photo of Cecilia Siruno

"The idea to become a teacher started when my high school calculus teacher said that I would make a great teacher. This was after he observed how my peers came to me for help with difficult formulas and work. After that the idea stuck and during my bachelor’s I decided to mentor with Project SOAR. While mentoring, my love for seeing children succeed grew. Knowing that I could make a difference, even in the smallest manner, gave me joy. The cherry on top appeared during my master’s where I was required to teach French 101-202. Seeing my students fall in love with the language only increased my love for teaching and for French. That’s when I knew I wanted to teach French to younger students so the love of language learning could expand beyond anything I experienced or could ever imagine. It is also this love that keeps me going to this day."