Beth Henshaw, Davidson Elementary, 2nd Grade

Photo of Beth Henshaw

"Becoming a teacher was always something that I wanted to do. Over the years my reasons have changed a little bit but one reason has always stayed constant and that is to help the kids. When I started my education to become a teacher one motivating factor was my son’s third grade teacher’s attitude. She was so discouraging and negative and I knew then that I needed to go to school to become a teacher and make a difference for children like those in his classroom. Kids these days have so many things that influence their lives that can be both negative and positive. I want to be a constant, positive person in their lives and encourage them to try their best and know they can be whatever they want to be. I think now, more than ever, children need a safe place to explore their personalities and get excited about learning, and I want to be that person for them that helps them see how valuable education is."

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