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Professional Development Opportunities

The Dropout Prevention Staff offers six professional development options for schools to choose from. Topics include:
  • Hidden Language Rules: Teaches adults to recognize when students do not have the proper language skills to communicate their needs and how to help students gain the tools required to communicate in a professional setting
  • Bridging the Gap: Demonstrates how to identify students dealing with life struggles and how to provide support by empowering not enabling students.
  • Against School: Takes a proactive look at schools today, challenging the institutional atmosphere we expect students to flourish in on an academic and social level.
  • WELCOME: A “Feng shei” for schools. WELCOME is based on the Inviting School Success series by Purkey and Novak and looks at uninviting behaviors and how by making simple environmental and social changes, schools become more welcoming to students and their families.
  • What is Dropout Prevention? An in depth look at TUSD’s Dropout Prevention Program. Each session is tailor-made for the requesting site and includes effective dropout prevention strategies, explores the reasons why students leave school, at what age they “check-out” and site-specific data.
  • Intercultural Proficiency: Overview of how the culture of each student affects what the student perceives. Looks at the natural formation of sub-cultures and their role in the make-up of each school's personality.

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