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Funding for High School Performance Uniforms Reinstated

Rincon band member wearing new uniformDr. H.T. Sanchez has reinstated the nine-year cycle of replacement for High School Instrumental and Choral performance uniforms. This important budget item was eliminated from the 2009 budget. Rincon/University High School (RUHS) Instrumental and Choral Music students were next in line to receive new uniforms. They have waited seven years.

Just two weeks ago, 258 Band uniforms including bibbers, jackets, capes, Aussie hats, gauntlets, and plumes arrived. Band Director Jeff Marchant, graphic artist Luke Hewlett, and Fruhauf Uniforms Inc. (the company selected during the bid process) designed the new uniforms representing the two campuses: Rincon High School and University High School. The entire process from the initial bid procedure to the design, manufacturing, and shipping took approximately ten months. Mr. Marchant’s students are very excited to showcase their new uniforms on Friday, September 23, for the RUHS Homecoming Football Game scheduled for kick off at 7:00 PM (arrive at 6:30 PM to see the RUHS Band march out!). Mr. Marchant says, "The Band, staff, and faculty of our schools are grateful to Dr. Sanchez and Central Leadership finding a way to make this happen not only for our students but for the remaining high schools as their uniform cycle approaches."

Now, the RUHS Choral students and their director Mareena Boosamra-Ball await their new tuxes.