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You Can Help!

Together Every Kid Eats

TUSD School Courtesy Meal Program Portal

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Serving over 5.5 million meals to Tucson's children

Did you know that Tucson Unified provides almost 34,000 meals a day to students? Last year alone, Tucson Unified provided over 5.5 million meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Students who eat well-balanced regular meals perform better in school and make more positive choices.

Together Every Kid Eats

The Tucson Unified Food Services team created the “Together Every Kid Eats” program, ensuring all our students eat, no matter their financial circumstances. This can be a huge expense affecting over 5,000 students, but here is what your small donation will do:

  • $40 covers the cost of lunch for a month for an elementary student
  • $50 covers the costs of lunch for a month for a middle or high school student.

Your Donations Help

Help a student today, simply make your Tax Deductible Donation today through our secure portal.

Community donations for the School Courtesy Meal Program will go directly to Tucson Unified Food Services for distribution to negative meal accounts. 100 percent of the donations received will go toward negative meal accounts.

You can donate here, through our secure payment portal!

Important Notice: To be eligible to contribute to the School Courtesy Meal Program Portal, donations must not come from Tucson Unified School District vendors or potential vendors.

Thank you for supporting our Tucson Unified children!

Photo of child eating lunch


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