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Spectator Conduct

It is the goal of the Tucson Unified School District to provide a safe and rewarding experience for our students participating in extracurricular activities. We encourage all parents, students, and the general public to conduct themselves in a supportive fashion at all times while attending athletic events and school activities.

It is expected that spectators support and encourage all participants, teams, coaches, sponsors, and officials. Spectators should display a positive attitude and appropriate behavior at all athletic contests. This includes refraining from any derogatory comments to other parents, game officials, coaches or participants.

Your support of your child's participation in our school activities is vital in their development as young adults. We thank you in advance for your attendance and positive support!


When attending school events, all spectators are to be dressed appropriately, i.e. shoes, shirts, etc.

Supervise your young children at all times.


The following are not allowed at athetic events or school activities.

NO Weapons
NO Skateboards
NO Bikes
NO Open Containers
NO Backpacks
NO Suspended students (see Board Policy JK-R1-E1)
NO Pets/Dogs-City Code 4-103
NO Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco/eCigs
NO dress code violations
NO coolers at paid events-for invitationals we allow team coolers
NO Flash photography during games
NO Re-Entry
NO taunting, ridicule, profanity, or embarrassing comments directed at a team or individual.
NO behavior that interferes with the orderly process of the game.
NO artificial noisemakers or music.
NO fans are allowed on the court, near the bench area, or near the scorer’s table, before, during or after the game.

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