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The Plumbing Team is committed to providing high quality services in support of a safe and healthy environment for our students and staff. As always, customer service and continual improvements are key factors in the services we provide.

The type of work orders the Plumbing Shop addresses is as follows:

  • Gas lines and delivery systems:
    • Emergency response to gas leaks, including reports of gas odors
    • Installation or replacement of gas lines
    • Repair and trouble shooting gas fired appliances
    • Inspection of gas systems for State mandated licensing procedure
  • Sewer and Waste Disposal Systems:
    • Emergency response to plugged main sewer lines with overflow of raw sewage onto public space of buildings
    • Plugged toilets, urinals and sink drains
    • Kitchen disposals and grease traps
  • Water Heaters:
    • Emergency response to relight heaters for Kitchen dishwashing and housekeeping as required by State Health Department Guidelines
    • Installation and replacement of water heaters for special needs classrooms, nurse's offices and the rest of the building
  • Water Systems:
    • Emergency response to broken water mains, hose bibs and damaged valves
    • Installation of new water lines
    • Maintenance of existing water lines
  • Fixtures:
    • Emergency response to broken, cracked or damaged fixtures (i.e. porcelain toilet bowls) and damaged faucets
    • Repair and replacement of faucets, sinks and toilets
    • Installation of new fixtures when needed
  • Backflow Prevention:
    • Emergency response to backflow preventers when dumping due to debris in the lines or vandalism
    • Performing annual test and maintenance as required by Tucson Water and State Guidelines

The type of work orders the Welding Shop addresses is as follows:

  • Performs all repairs to handicap ramps and handrails
  • Fabricates and installs handicap ramps
  • Fabricates and installs security screens for windows at high security sites throughout the district
  • Repairs equipment for Food Services which requires special machinery and skill to accomplish
  • Repairs road equipment (i.e. trailers, large mowers and tractors.) fabricating parts as needed
  • Fabricates and repairs miscellaneous parts for the Auto Shop and other Trade Shops as needed

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