Grounds Maintenance

photo of Tony Roman


Our services include the following:

  • Equipment operators
  • Tree issues
  • Cement finisher
  • PE equipment repair
  • All large mowing throughout the district


Irrigation Plumbing

FOREMAN: Frank Mendoza


Roving Grounds

FOREMAN: William Dool



Roving Grounds Staff:

photo of Roving Grounds staff 


Roving Grounds consists of sixteen (16) groundsmen who make up six (6) crews. They service the elementary schools every 9-12 calendar days. The routine maintenance duties of the Roving Grounds include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Pick up paper liter and debris not to exceed one-hour labor, total
  2. Rake and trim front entryways
  3. Blow off all sidewalks, bus bay and patios
  4. Rake debris adjacent to all curbs
  5. Rake and sweep parking lots
  6. Weed eat fence lines, edgings and buildings
  7. Turf grass to be kept mowed at 1 ½"-2" at all times
  8. Mechanical removal of weeds
  9. Rake, rototill, and spread sand in sand bays
  10. Trim hedges and trees without the use of a ladder
  11. Fill holes in playground with topsoil
  12. Report any deficiencies and concerns to principal and/or crew chief
  13. Supplemental watering as required

Grounds also covers irrigation issues, tree and shrub care, turf maintenance, tree planting, West Nile Virus prevention and rodent/snake/bug control. See the Operations manual for more information.

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