Jacquelynn Parent, Secrist Middle School, 7th Grade ExEd Inclusion

Photo of Jacquelynn Parent

"I went into teaching later in my life. I liked my previous career path, but I didn't love it. Something was missing from my life. I realized that I was volunteering and filling my life with activities in which I was helping people, and it made me feel incredibly fulfilled. I decided to go into teaching, as I was already on a similar career path. I wanted to work with children, particularly those that are disadvantaged and need the help of skilled, creative, and determined teachers. I felt I could be one of those people. I chose middle school because it is a fun age. The students are on the cusp of maturity, while still wanting to be children. It is a joy to watch this transition in them, and it is gratifying to be a positive influence on them as they move into their teen years."

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