Garrett Gallagher, Marshall Elementary, 4th grade

Photo of Garrett Gallagher

“Teaching has always been in my blood. My parents are both teachers as well as my grandparents. I have always loved school in the classroom and helping my parents after school or on weekends. Growing up, I didn’t just look up to my parents as teachers. When I was at Gridley Middle school my 8th grade math teacher, Mr. Henry, inspired me. This was when I told him and my family that I too will be a teacher. My first job as a lifeguard, teaching students how to swim and coaching a swim team only reinforced my idea of becoming a teacher. There are many reasons why I am still a teacher. The first is I love what I do. Seeing the sparks in my student's eyes when they learn something new like an idiom and get excited to apply it by showing others is priceless. Another reason I am still a teacher is the people I work with. They’re my colleagues as well as my friends. I know I can count on them for support and a good laugh. For these reasons I don’t foresee myself doing anything else.”

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