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Jacquelyn Johnson, Pueblo High, 9th grade Biology

Photo of Jacquelyn Johnson

“I chose to become a teacher not only to teach, but to be the consistent adult that some of my students might not have in their lives. Someone to compliment them, challenge them, or even comfort them on a day they need it. Biology is a fun course where there are many hands on activities and project based learning, but there are also a ton of opportunities to teach the students about themselves and talk about our world and environment. I love teaching, but I have more fun creating relationships with students. Handshakes, inside jokes, and poking fun at each other (all in good fun) is always the highlight of my day. I would love for all of my students to pass my class with flying colors; however, having a personal relationship with each one of them is more important to me. Kids are fun, and freshmen are especially awkward. I would take working with freshmen over working with adults any day!”