Programs and Initiatives

  • Arizona Immunization Program
    The web site of the Arizona Immunization Program Office provides updated information about vaccines in Arizona.
  • Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety
    Operated by the World Health Organization, this international coalition was established to respond promptly, efficiently, and with scientific rigor to vaccine safety issues of potential global importance.
  • The National Immunization Program
    The Center for Disease Control's National Immunization Program addresses vaccination issues in the United States.

Resource Centers

Vaccine Safety

  • The National Vaccine Information Center
    This parent-led organization seeks reformation of the mass vaccination program.
  • Institute for Vaccine Safety
    Sponsored by the John Hopkins School of Public Health, this institute provides independent assessments of vaccinations.
  • Vaccine Safety: What you need to know
    The Center for Disease Control examines vaccine research, vaccine licensing, the monitoring of vaccine safety, and the communication of vaccine risks.
  • Vaccines are Safe
    The World Health Organization strives to provide unbiased and accurate information about vaccinations for parents and health care professionals.

Why We Need Vaccines


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