Head Lice Management

Lice are parasites that can be found on people's heads and bodies. Lice move by crawling; they cannot hop or fly. Head lice problems occur year-round. However, it is during the school year that head lice cases seem to be the most common. The reason is that many head louse infestations are discovered by teachers and school nurses. Children are usually sent home, and their parents are notified. It is the school nurse’s responsibility to manage head lice problems in the school setting (through head checks, child exclusion, etc.), and it is the parents responsibility to control head lice in their own children.

TUSD staff will send students home for treatment at the end of the school day if live lice are found on the child. The parent/guardian will be contacted. Nits (lice eggs) are not indicated as a reason for a student to miss school.

The following materials provide more information about how head lice can be prevented in schools and treated at home, if they are discovered.

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