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Tucson High Football Field Project FAQ

Tucson High Football Field Project FAQ (in PDF)

Q: Will Tucson High graduation still occur at Gridley Stadium? 

A: Yes! The drainage repairs and turf replacement are being scheduled around graduation activities. The west mainline storm drain repair will be complete in April. The project team will ensure cleaning of the track and field prior to the big day.

Q: What is the estimated timeline for completion?

A: The projected timeline is to have all basin repairs and turf replacement complete before the first day of school, August 2, 2018.

Q: Why was the Board Agenda Item pulled from the March 27th meeting?

A: During the week of March 27, while repairing the west side storm drain, field drainage was discovered inconsistent when compared to the as-built drawings from the 2006 turf installation. Additional assessment for drainage repairs not previously anticipated was required. The project team needed to ensure the 2018 turf replacement scope of work was still applicable. A complete redesign of the field drainage and a full review of all associated project costs were required before any Board action was taken.

Q: What is the actual scope of work and overall project cost?

A: The Tucson High field project contains several components. 

  • The west side main storm drain was blown out during the flood in July. Storm drain replacement will be complete in April 2018. Cost: $95,000.
  • The east side field drainage needs improvement. This work includes an additional drain line and storm drain to reduce watershed from the east bleachers, locker rooms, and parking lot. Estimated cost: $200,000.
  • The perimeter drainage and field liner were exposed as a problem on March 27th. This work will occur after graduation and before turf replacement. This component addresses water runoff from the field itself and is essential to protect the new field from flooding. Estimated cost: $120,000. Since this additional work, combined with east side drainage improvements are estimated to exceed $250,000, Governing Board approval on April 24th has been requested.
  • The turf replacement begins once all basin and drainage work is complete. Scheduled to begin in June, project timeline estimated to take 5 weeks to complete. Cost: $581,000.
  • Total cost of all components listed above: $996,000

Q: Are there additional costs that may arise during this project?

A: The project team is hopeful that the identified costs above capture the entire scope of work. Potential changes could arise if excavation exposes additional differences in the as-built drawings.

Q: How was the turf vendor selected?

A: Through the cooperative contract bid process, the lowest base bidder was selected. It should be noted this vendor was also the lowest overall bidder.

Q: Will the new field have a warranty?

A: The new turf will carry a 10 year warranty. This warranty is contingent on the additional drainage work identified above.

Q: Will the school have access to the football field for summer football practice?

A: No, the entire football field, track and stadium will continue to be off limits until all work is complete. The football team will need to make arrangements to use alternative practice fields for the duration of this project.

Q: Will the field be ready for the first day of school? 

A: The project team is making every effort to have the field be ready for the first day of school. Graduation readiness is the primary goal, project completion by the first day of school is the secondary goal. Since installation is occurring during monsoon season, rain could cause delays in the project timeline.