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Congratulations to Teachers and Employees of the Year!

Celebration of the Stars

For all of you who requested the video of Celebration of the Stars, here is our summary segment of the winners! Congratulations to all nominees and to our amazing Campus Teachers of the Year!




Congratulations to the teachers, administrators, and staff members who were recognized for their exceptional achievements during the 2017-2018 school year. You are all stars!

Complete Program - Includes winners and nominees (in PDF)

Celebration of the Stars - Districtwide Winners

Name School or Department Award

Dinah McGLory

Gridley MS

Assistant Principal of the Year

Albert Lopez

Collier ES

Campus Care Staff of the Year

Tina Eubanks

Sabino HS

Campus Office Support Employee of the Year

Kirstin Bittel

Mansfeld Magnet MS

Certified Campus Support Employee of the Year

Stephanie Bernstrom

Palo Verde High Magnet School

Classified Campus Support Employee of the Year

Paul Padia

Wright ES

Counselor of the Year

Elizabeth Houston-Judd

Wheeler Elementary School

Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Elizabeth Raizk

Pueblo High School

High School Teacher of the Year

Alberto Sanchez

Robins K-8 School

K-8 School Teacher of the Year

Christopher Ryan

Magee Middle School

Middle School Teacher of the Year

Kim Elliott

Cholla High School

Rising Star Teacher of the Year

Jeffrey  Uhrig

Vesey ES

Elementary/K-8 Principal of the Year

Shawna Rodriguez

Tucson High Magnet

Secondary Principal of the Year

Isabel Perez-Sosa

Henry ES

Teacher Assistant of the Year

Richard Langford

African American Student Services

District Support Employee of the Year

Exceptional Education Awards

Name Award

Steven Munoz

Elementary/K-8 Paraprofessional of the Year

Cindy Agleria

Middle School Paraprofessional of the Year

Allyson Howes

High School Paraprofessional of the Year

Michael Konrad

Leading Light Award

Caroline Madsen

Exceptional Education Rising Star Award

Samuel West

Golden Apple Award

School Teachers of the Year

School Teacher of the Year
Banks Elementary School Connie Bailey
Blenman Elementary School Katherine Espinoza
Bloom Elementary School Katherine McDonald
Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School Natalie Baker
Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School Alicia Vaughn
Borman K-8 School Christina Pizarro
Borton Magnet Elementary School Kathy Lohse
Carrillo Magnet School Elsmarie DeMars
Catalina High School Yvonne Shouse
Cavett Elementary School Patrice Thumberg
Cholla High School Sarah Hoy
Collier Elementary School Cynthia Busby
Cragin Elementary School Linda Kezman
Davidson Elementary School Kim Wright
Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School Micaela Campos
Dietz K-8 School Lenna Bohland
Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School Carrie Barr
Doolen Middle School Grace Lena
Drachman Montessori K-8 Magnet School Marie Rosales
Dunham Elementary School Kim Emmett
Erickson Elementary School Ellen Floyd
Ford Elementary School Doris Paulik
Fruchthendler Elementary School Nina Aldecoa
Gale Elementary School Kacey Obert
Gridley Middle School Emil Lamanda
Grijalva Elementary School Emily Thueringer
Henry Elementary School Deborah Boatner
Holladay Magnet Elementary School Sandy Herfkens
Hollinger K-8 School Amber Parris
Howell Elementary School Janice Byrd
Hudlow Elementary School Priscilla Villafana
Sam Hughes Elementary School Jane Gariepy
Johnson Primary School Tyrance "Ty" Quam
Kellond Elementary School Kristina Swenson
Lawrence 3-8 School Denise Cota-Rodriguez
Lineweaver Elementary School Madhavi Rachakonda
Lynn/Urquides Elementary School Araceli Gomez
Magee Middle School Christopher Ryan
Maldonado Elementary School Jacqueline Carrillo
Mansfeld Middle Magnet School Christine Georgelos
Manzo Elementary School Cynthia DeLaRosa
Marshall Elementary School Connie Lee
Mary Meredith K-12 Andrew Crisp
Morgan Maxwell K-8 School Katherine Eddleman
Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence K-8 Georgina Georgelos
Miles Exploratory Learning Center Barbara Isaacson
Miller Elementary School Anna Urman
Mission View Elementary School Danette Arndt
Myers/Ganoung Elementary School Raul Ortega
Ochoa Community Elementary School Jeannette OrtizRoybal
Oyama Elementary School Briana Edgerton
Palo Verde High Magnet School Bart Peterson
Pistor Middle School Jonel Lauver
Project MORE  Charla Hedberg
Project MORE - TAEP Jessica Gonzalez
Pueblo Gardens K-8 School Patricia Perez
Pueblo High School Elizabeth Raizk
Rincon High School Joanna Geurts
Roberts/Naylor K-8 School Dahlia Konnert
Robins K-8 School Alberto Sanchez
Robison Elementary School Tiffany Hodge
C. E. Rose K-8 School Marjorie Medina
Roskruge Bilingual Magnet K-8 School Elsa Diaz-Hofmann
Sabino High School Andy Pfannenstiel
Safford K-8 School Diane Dean
Sahuaro High School Cheryl Watters
Santa Rita High School Joshua Ruddick
Secrist Middle School Anna Elizondo
Sewell Elementary School Candace Doerr
Soleng Tom Elementary School Amy Perdreauville
Steele Elementary School Kimberly Suba
Tolson Elementary School Frances Lee
Tucson High Magnet School Steven Martinez
Tully Elementary Magnet School Alexandra DeVaughn
University High School Whitney Sheets
Utterback Middle School of the Arts Angela Schiavone
Alice Vail Middle School Judith Glass
Valencia Middle School Blanca Mahoney
Van Buskirk Elementary School Chika Hayashi-Willis
Vesey Elementary School Karen Gamble
Warren Elementary School Mandy Mohr
Wheeler Elementary School Elizabeth Houston-Judd
White Elementary School Maria Holman
Whitmore Elementary School Gabriele Kunk
Wright Elementary School Desiree Webb
Teenage Parent High School (TAP) Jacqi Kramlinger
AGAVE/Distance Learning Cynthia Winston