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Information Sheets

These information sheets are for your information only. Do not return these with your registration forms.

Instructions for Online Registration

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Reaffirmation of Residency - Upload or Deliver

  • Reaffirmation of Residency
    When you complete registration for continuing students, you must provide one reaffirmation of residency to establish your residence in a designated attendance area, the district's boundaries or the state. When registering online, you can upload or deliver to the school any of the following documents that indicate your name and address. If registering in person, bring a copy or the original of any of the following with you:
    • Valid Arizona Driver's license
    • Arizona identification card
    • Valid Arizona motor vehicle registration
    • Property deed
    • Mortgage documents
    • Property tax bill
    • Rental agreement or lease (including Section 8 agreement)
    • Utility bill (water, electric, gas, cable, phone)
    • Bank or credit card statement
    • W-2 wage statement
    • Payroll stub
    • Certificate of tribal enrollment or other identification issued by a recognized Indian tribe
    • Other documentation from a state, tribal, or federal agency (Social Security Administration, Veterans' Administration, Arizona Department of Economic Security)
    • If you are currently unable to provide any of the documents listed above, you must provide an original affidavit signed and notarized by an Arizona resident who attests that you have established residence in Arizona with the person signing the affidavit.

Don't want to register online? Use the Paper Process!

  • Paper option for registering your students
    If you don't wish to use the online registration for your continuing student, you can use the Paper Process. You'll find the forms and information you need at the Paper Registration Process page.

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