Superintendent Recommendations for the Proposed Revisions to the Family Life Curriculum

At the 9/10/19 Board Governing Board Meeting, the Governing Board postponed the vote on the Family Life Curriculum.  However it has agreed that the District should complete the recommendations of the administration which will provide more input and transparency about the curriculum to the community.  The recommendations include:

District Wide Teach-In
The district will conduct district-wide parent workshops in order to train and inform parents of the curriculum and its associated learning activities. Workshops will be facilitated in the style of breakout sessions in which staff will facilitate lessons for each grade level for parents and students in attendance. Each parent workshop will include feedback surveys, as well as a recording of the session so it can be shared publically.

Professional Development Plan
Staff shall develop and implement a plan for the training of all teachers assigned to teach the Family Life Curriculum lessons. Training will also inform teachers of district expectations for compliance with both Governing Board Policy GBEA and AC regarding all educators' responsibility to teach academic content and information neutrally, as well as in an environment free of discrimination and harassment in any form.

Development of an Alternative Curriculum for Opt-Out Families
For every grade level set of lessons, staff will develop alternative lessons and activities for families opting out of any lesson or the grade level set of lessons in its entirety. Alternative lessons and activities shall focus on the core concepts noted in the Personal Development, Healthy Relationships and Personal Safety.

Establishment of Abstinence as the Primary Recommended Method of Contraception
Increase the learning activities to 6 or 7 in order to establish abstinence as the most effective and safe form of contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Establishment of School Contact Persons for Students in Crisis
Some topics discussed in the Family Life Curriculum might trigger traumatic experiences for some students as well as present topics that students may be struggling with such as bullying, harassment, sexuality or gender, thus each school shall establish a designated counselor or social worker as the lead contact person for counseling services.

Curriculum Formatting and Grade Level Cover Pages
Consistent with the Tucson Unified School District's curricular format, the Family Life Curriculum shall be re-formatted to conform to the Understanding by Design format. Cover pages will include titles that reflect the concepts and themes taught for each grade level as well as a brief summary of the major learning goals for each grade level.

Public Commitment to Prohibit the Purchase of Outside Curriculum or Curricular Materials
The Family Life Curriculum will be internally developed and will be posted for public review, thus prohibiting the purchase of outside curriculum or curricular materials.

Legal Definition of "Without Consent"
Lessons that address consent (6th, 7th, 8th  and in the high school curriculum) will include the Arizona Revised Statute's definition of "without consent".

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