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New School Buses Coming to Tucson Unified School District

Date issued: January 8, 2019

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced that the second wave of settlement funds from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust has been distributed to 22 school districts around our state. Tucson Unified School District has received $3.5 million to obtain 32 new school buses.

Thanks to the funding, the district will be able to provide better transportation services to our students.

"We are thrilled that the VW Settlement grant will allow the District to purchase 32 new buses. This will bring the average age of the fleet to 9 years old, and most importantly, it will reduce the number of buses without Air Conditioning to 32," says John Muir, Interim Chief Operations Officer for Tucson Unified School District.

TUSD Transportation Facts

  • Currently TUSD has 320 buses in the fleet.
  • 64 buses do not have Air Conditioning; this will be reduced to 32 buses with the grant.
  • 13,000 students transported daily
  • 24,000 miles per day on average
  • 4.3 million miles per year
  • Average Mileage of the fleet is 125,000
  • Average bus age is 11 years old
  • 80 buses are 15 years or older with 17 of them being 1997 models averaging 300,000 miles each

While the district will continue to seek additional funding to better our aging bus fleet, we are very appreciative that Tucson Unified received this grant allocation.  Thank you to the governor’s office for helping us provide quality transportation to our students and families.

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