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Parent-Teacher Conferences - Sept. 16-18

How to Sign Up for a Free Zoom Account for Parent/Teacher Conferences (in PDF)
Como Inscribirse Para Obtener una Cuenta Gratis de Zoom para las Conferencias de Padres/Maestros (en PDF)

This year, conferences are virtual!

Early Release - Parent-Teacher Conferences. Check with your school for dates and release times.

Tucson Unified elementary, K-8, and middle schools will hold conferences on September 16-18. To accommodate the conference schedule, elementary, K-8, and middle school classes are scheduled to end early on conference days.

High schools will hold conferences on Friday, September 18. High school classes will end early on the conference day. Some high schools may also hold conferences in the evening or afternoon that week. Check with your student's high school for more information.

Participate in the conference through Zoom or by phone

We'll be holding conferences through Zoom or by phone. Please let your child's teacher know which method works best for you.

To request your conference,contact your child's teacher or call the school office. Your child's teacher may also reach out to you to schedule a conference.

We look forward to talking with you to discuss how we can work together as a team to promote your child's success.

Make the most of your Parent-Teacher Conference! The tips below will also help you have useful conferences with your child's teacher.

Preparing for the Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Please share with us how remote learning is working for you and your family. Your teacher can offer tips and suggestions as well as help you find some of the many resources we offer online.
  • Ask your child's teacher about your child's online participation and attendance. This can help us develop strategies to promote success.
  • Please share any specific challenges you, your family, and your child are experiencing with remote learning. We can offer suggestions to help make the experience rewarding.
  • Find out how your child feels about classes (ask what he or she likes best or least and why).
  • Come prepared with specific questions for your teacher about your child's work.
    • How well is my child progressing?
    • What are my child's strengths and weaknesses?
    • What book (or books) is my child using?
    • How often will my child have homework, and what kind of homework will he or she have? How can I help?
    • How does my child get along with classmates?
    • Does my child take part in class discussion and activities?
    • When are regularly scheduled classroom tests? How can I help my child prepare for them?
  • Bring observations from home about your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bring relevant medical information concerning your child's general health, allergies, vision problems, etc.

How to Have an Effective Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Focus on your child's academic progress and your child's strengths.
  • Share your concerns, opinions, and ideas openly and honestly, with mutual respect for the important educational role that both you and your child's teacher play.
  • Ask the teacher to explain terms or concepts you don't understand.
  • Agree on steps that you can take to reinforce your child's academic skills at home.
  • Ask about fun and engaging ways that learning can happen at home off-screen.

Thank you for your role in supporting your child's education!

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