ADE Letter Grades for 2018-2019

Updated: Feb. 12, 2020

In October 2019, the Arizona Dept. of Ed. released the SY2018-19 Letter Grades. Tucson Unified is proud to share that 43% of our schools earned an A or B grade, including six of twelve high schools. Over 20% of our schools increased their grade from SY 2017-18, resulting in eight "As"; 27 "Bs"; 30 "Cs"; 13 "Ds"; and five "Fs".

For more information, see the complete listing by school.

The District is currently implementing detailed improvement plans for all D and F schools. Please watch for notifications of upcoming public meetings regarding D and F schools on the district and school webpages. Meetings will occur before the end of February 2020. Notification as required pursuant to ARS 15-241.02

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