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Brichta Athletes Show What it Means to be a Good Sport at Track Meet

Posted April 25, 2012

At the April 21, 2012, TUSD City Track Meet, Brichta athletes Chante Hicks and Atalaya Gerald demonstrated what it takes to be good sports. In the Class D 500 meter race, the two girls were running near the front when another runner fell. Chante and Atalaya stopped and went back to assist the fallen runner,helping her to her feet, putting their arms around her, and walking together until they rounded the 300 meter mark. At this point, all three began to run together, even though the rest of the runners had already completed the race.

Their coach, Stephanie Escalante, says, "Many people were crying and giving them a standing ovation. I was so proud of those girls, and they showed me that they had truly grasped the idea of sportsmanship and encouragement, two virtues that I try hard to instill in all of my athletes. Winning is never important, but being a good person and a good sport is."