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Students from Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School attend President Obama's Inauguration

Posted February 8, 2013

Photo of Inauguration
Dodge students met people from around the nation at the President's inauguration.

Students in the Travel program at Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School attended President Obama's Inauguration in Washington D.C. The students were in Washington D. C. on January 18 through 22, 2013.

The highlight of the visit was the Inauguration Ceremony on January 21. The students found that the time they spent waiting for the ceremony to begin passed quickly as they were able to meet and talk with people from around the country who had gathered for the event.

In addition to attending the ceremony, the students visited monuments, museums, the White House, and other historical sites in the area.

"My trip to Washington, D.C. was like none I have ever been on," said Madeline Wallen, a student in the program. "Not only was the trip exceedingly fun and educational, but it was also enlightening. I was repeatedly impressed by the things that I saw. I was grateful for my country when I saw all of the memorials and monuments, especially the Arlington National Cemetery because it brought me to the realization that the United States cares about her people - soldiers, great leaders, citizens, and immigrants."

 Photo of trip to DC
Dodge students joined the celebrating crowds on January 21.
 Photo of students' trip to DC

The students visited many of the monuments in Washington, D.C.

 Photo of students in DC
The trip included visits to many historical sites in the area.