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TUSD student scientists create award-winning projects for Southern Arizona Regional Science

Posted March 15, 2013

"What's in my cereal?" "Do liquids disappear?" "How does photosynthesis work?" "Do boys have bigger feet than girls?" "Which study methods are best for right or left-brain dominant students?" "How does the antibacterial action of Ngda compare to that of the creosote bush?" "What are the effects of male attentiveness on female incubation behavior in western bluebirds?"

These are some of the questions posed by student scientists at TUSD. The studies and projects which grew out of these and other questions have received awards in the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

The science and engineering fair was held at the Tucson Convention Center, March 11-16. The exhibitions will be on display until 8 p.m. on March 15. The award ceremony is held at 7 p.m. on March 15.

Congratulations to the following students on their winning entries!

High School Winners

Pueblo High Magnet School:
Briana Valencia and Hensyl Moreno: The Comparison Of Antibacterial Action Of Ndga And The Creosote Bush
Tucson High Magnet School:
Meagan Bethel: Analysis Of Critical Habitat For The Sonoran Ocelot (leopardus Paradalis Sonoriensis) In The Sky Island Region,
Allison Kath: Motivational Interviewing As A Form Of Stress Relief In Adolescents,
Matthew Packard: Oxidation Rates Of Graphite In An Oxidizing Oxy Acetylene Flame,
Christina Burkett: Demonstration Of Chemical Signals In An "anosmic" Insect,
Asheley Costello: Effects Of Male Attentiveness On Female Incubation Behavior In Western Bluebirds, Sialia Mexicana
Eric Epstein: Olfactory Discrimination Between Regular And Deuterated Compounds In European Honeybees
Nichole Burkett: Traveling Without Moving-evidence For Sequence Generation Of Hippocampal Place Cells
Cathy Tran: Glial Cell Modulation Of Motor Neuron Activity As Revealed By Behavioral Assays In Drosophila Larvae
Holly Bentkowski: Role Of Hugl1 In Mammary Stem Cell Characteristics
Ostin Zarse: Improved Viability Of Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Cassandra Galvez: Bacterial Reduction In Algae For Biofuels
Rebecca Mulligan: From Gasoline And Carrots To Next Generation Batteries
Ben Van Maren: Effects Of Horseshoe Two Fire At South Fork, Chiricahua Mountains On N-fixing Bacteria And Soil Quality
Eli Rosenblum: Successful Resynthesis Of A Fungal Endophyte And Native Endobacterium
University High School:
Renee Conway: Juvenile Diabetes Treatments: Confidence And Glucose Control
Kelsey Barter: Targeting Survivin As A Potential Cancer Therapeutic
Shelby Yuan: Preparation Of Magnetic Nanovesicles For Biomedical Applications
Stephen Yao: An Experimental Study Of Vadose Zone Flux Meter
Ryan Silva: A Model Of Medial Entorhinal Cortex Grid Cell Remapping
Marisol Moya: Sleep Versus Grade Point Average

Middle School Winners

Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet School:
Wesley Hopf: Anti-theft Device For Backpacks,
Luis Serrano: Does Height Affect Your Free Throw?,
Ruby Munoz: Which Amount Of Antacids Will It Take To Neutralize The Artificial Stomach Acid, And Which Antacid Will Be The Most Effective?
Dodge Middle School:
Sam Walsh: Can You Become Invisible?,
Kyndall Viapiano: Growing, Growing, Bacteria
Doolen Middle School:
Sophie Bingham: Meow
Emily Muirhead: Which Water Will Petunia Plants Willingly Want?
Reina Walker: Gender Identification
Liam Finley: Foxhole Radio
Cassandra Savel: Years Of Fears
Rachel Kinnison: Study Methods For The Left And Right Brained
Bryce Harris: Solar Pool Heater Comparison
Sophia Gerken: Fish Vs. Soi
Ryan Sheets: Cracking Up; Comparing The Strength Of Truss Bridges
Alia Raderstorf and Emma Raderstorf: Here Comes The Boom
Magee Middle School:
Sarah Edwards: Balsa Heaven
Pistor Middle School: Sophia Ramirez: Infrared Light
Anthony Navarrette: Temperature And Its Affects On Saxaphone Pitch
Utterback Middle School:
Nadira Mitchell: Science Of Drums: Building My Own Drums

Elementary School Winners

Booth-Fckett Math/Science Magnet School:
Jacob Peters: Danny Mendez: The Dog Walker 3000
Group or Class Project - Teacher Madhavi Rachakonda: Summer Colors Vs. Heat Absorbers
Group or Class Project - Teacher Erika Stoker: Dressed In Layers
Brichta Elementary School:
Group or Class Project - Teacher Randy Cueto: Do More Expensive Batteries Work Longer?
Sammy Peralta, Zander Gaytan, and Gavin Hamilton: Do Crickets Like Cheese Or Sugar Better?
Davis Bilingual Magnet School:
Aubryana Gonzalez: Natural Dye
Fruchthendler Elementary School:
Charles Root: Bye Bye Garbage: Decomposing Cardboard
Mackenzie Coats: Food Habits Of Hummingbirds
Caitlin Dooley: Fun-damental Foundations
Henry Elementary School:
Anna Twiling: How To Build A Better Bubble
Group or Class Project - Teacher Barbara Panunzio: Healthy-helping Hands Are Washed Hands!
Hollinger Elementary School:
Matthew Tyo: Day Vision At Night
Group or Class Project - Teacher Manuela Gilbride: Do Liquids Disappear?
Group or Class Project - Teacher Shirley Blair: Porosity: Can Rocks & Minerals Hold Water
Lineweaver Elementary:
Jacob Barsotti: How Many Stars Do You See?
Group or Class Project - Teacher Elizabeth Cummins: Do Boys Have Bigger Feet Than Girls?
Marshall Elementary School:
Emily Robinson: How Does Photosynthesis Work?
Group or Class Project - Teacher Carol Ruiz: Does The Amount Of Sugar In Mcdonald's Sauces Affect How Adhesive They Are?
Robins K-8 School:
Reyven Melendez: Clouds - Weather Or Not
Hayden Reed: Wind Generation
Ryan Claver: Shaking Towers
Schumaker Elementary School:
Austin Lyman: Freezing Liquid
Macey Thaxton: Melting Crayons
Tully Elementary Magnet School:
Joseph Rodriguez: Freezing Point: How Cold Does The Weather Have To Be For Liquids To Freeze?
Erika Ashe: Eggs Vs. Water Surface Tension
Wheeler Elementary School:
Hailey Coons: The Taste Of Color
White Elementary School:
Virginia Crook: Shine Bright Like A Light Bulb!
Wright Elementary School:
Marsayah Arvizu and Jazmine Morrison: Caterpillar Metamorphic
Kylie Jetty: The Science Of A Fart
Group or Class Project -Teacher Samantha Gallego
Juan Sainz: How Do We Fight Germs
Group or Class Project -Teacher Caroline Carlson: What's In My Cereal?