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Hohokam's MESA team earns recognition in Arizona's MESA Day Engineering Design Competition

Posted May 13, 2013

Five students from Hohokam Middle School demonstrated their engineering design skills at Arizona's MESA Day at the University of Arizona on April 27. While Hohokam's team had only five students, the team entered two events and placed in the top four for each, making this team the highest ranking TUSD middle school team.

Three members of the team entered the Air Drop rockets event. Elijah Clor-Childs (grade 6), Deangelo Turner (grade 6), and Fernando Leon (grade 8) worked together to place fourth in the state in this event.

The other event the Hohokam team entered was On Site Engineering. In this event, Deangelo Turner, Fernando Leon, Amandalia Martinez (grade 8), and Aracely Vega (grade 8) created an entry that won second place in the state.

"These kids showed class and poise as they competed as one of the smallest teams, but making all of TUSD proud with their performance," said team coach Ron Pierce, a school improvement coach at Hohokam. "These kids are some of the best I have worked with in my seven years as a MESA adviser."

Deangelo Turner, Hohokam's MESA student of the year, reported that it was the teamwork that was key to their success. When asked what made the event special, he replied, "working in a team and having a lot of fun with science."

Photo of Hohokam's winining team
From left, Aracely Vega, Deangelo Turner, Fernando Leon, Elijah Clor-Childs, Amadalia Martinez.