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Three outstanding teachers at Pueblo Magnet HS recognized for their excellence in their fields

Posted September 20, 2013

Three teachers at Pueblo Magnet High School have been recognized for their work in promoting college-readiness and critical thinking through engaging and challenging learning activities in their classes.

Dr. Wilma Amaro, chemistry teacher at Pueblo Magnet High School, has been selected as the Western Region recipient of the Stanley C. Israel Regional Award for Advancing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences by the American Chemical Society.

The award recognizes individuals who have advanced diversity in the chemical sciences and have stimulated or fostered activities that promote inclusiveness within the region.

"Children of color and of low socio-economic backgrounds need meaningful, consistent exposure to a high–caliber science curriculum in order to join an ever-developing, competitive global economy," states Dr. Amaro.

Throughout her time at Pueblo High, Dr. Amaro has engaged learners through challenging courses, fostered student and community interest with activities such as Science Night, developed programs to help students to succeed in science classes, and taught classes which provide her students with college-level chemistry credit.

Travis Klein, economics teacher at Pueblo, has been selected by the Arizona Council for Economics Education to be a trainer of teachers.

Mr. Klein approaches the teaching of economics in an active, engaging way. His collaboration with instructors at Pima Community College and his involvement with the San Francisco Federal Reserve also help to keep his teaching relevant and practical.

"Pueblo is fortunate to have Travis Klein," states Kelly Crane, department chair at Pueblo. "His students learn economic principles through highly engaging hands-on activities such as stock market simulation, supply and demand games, and business applications."

Neil Barnett from TUSD's University High School has also been selected by the Arizona Council for Economics Education to be a teacher-trainer.

Dr. Andrew Lettes, teacher of Bioscience and Advanced Bioscience at Pueblo, has been selected for Honorable Mention for the 2013 Governor's Celebration of Innovation, which is considered "the premier technology community gathering of its kind in Arizona."

At the celebration, Dr. Lettes will have a display which illustrates the innovativeness of his courses in bioscience.

This is one of many awards that Dr. Lettes has received. His work in teaching bioscience has contributed to earning Pueblo Magnet High School the reputation of having one of the best bioscience programs in the nation.

 Photo of Travis Klein
Travis Klein teaches through engaging activities.
 Photo of Wilma Amaro

Wilma Amaro provides a high-caliber science education to all of her students.
Photo of Andrew Lettes
Dr. Lettes provides students with hands-on learning.