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Pueblo student named U of A Honors College Baird Scholar

For Salma Reyes-Flores, the dream of becoming a pediatrician just got a little closer. Reyes-Flores, a senior at Pueblo Magnet High School, is one of only 10 students in the state to be named a Baird Scholar and to receive a four-year scholarship to the University of Arizona's Honors College.

The scholarship is for $10,000 each year and is renewable for four years. To earn the scholarship, Reyes-Flores wrote essays, provided letters of recommendation and met ACT score and sustained a top-notch GPA. That last one hasn't always been easy.

Reyes-Flores is close to her father. He's a big support for her, and he goes away for long periods to work in the fishing ship industry.
"It's hard when he's gone," Reyes-Flores said. "I don't feel like I can do much."

Family is important to the soft-spoken senior. She has two older brothers who attend the University of Arizona, and she knew that was the school for her, too. She wants to be close to home.

While Reyes-Flores hasn't yet identified her undergrad major, she knows it will in the sciences. She said the science instructors at Pueblo have inspired her.

"I wasn't really into science before high school. When I came here, I really got into it," she said.

Reyes-Flores said she didn't realize the scholarship was possible until Ruben Romero, Pueblo's college and career coordinator, told her about it.
Romero said one of the remarkable things about Reyes-Flores is what she has achieved at her age. At 16, she is younger than her peers, yet she performs at a high level.

"She has always been focused. She's quiet, but confidently quiet," he said. "She has always been at the top of her class."

Photo of Salma Reyes-Flores
Salma Reyes-Flores, UA Honors College Baird Scholar