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White Elementary's Mariachi group to perform with Los Lobos

Posted April 17, 2014

White Elementary School's Mariachi band will share the stage with one of music's most enduring bands on April 25 when Los Lobos appears at the Rialto Theatre in downtown Tucson.

The White Elementary Mariachi group will be an opening act, playing at about 9 p.m. and then will be joined by Los Lobos, who will play a few songs with the children before launching into their own set.

White Elementary will have about 30 children, first- through fifth-graders on the stage, along with five teachers.

William Mark, a teacher at the school and leader of the band, said everyone is excited about the opportunity. "The kids are excited, but it's the parents who understand better and are really excited," he said.

Los Lobos is a multiple-Grammy winning group known for mixing rock ‘n' roll, blues, Mexican traditional sounds, country and folk music. The band has been performing for more than three decades and had a big pop hit with a remake of "La Bamba" by Richie Valens.

The performance with White students came about after Mark learned that Los Lobos was coming to town and emailed the booking agent to see if band members would be willing to drop by the school and meet with the Mariachi players. The booking agent said that would not be possible but invited the band to play at the show.

"I was shocked," Mark said. "I didn't even expect to get a response from the email."


 Photo of White Mariachi.

Students invited to take stage at Grammy-award winning band's concert