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Dr. Sánchez thanks school nurses; contributions of nurses recognized on National School Nurse Day

Posted May 7, 2014

Dear TUSD School Nurses:

In honor of National School Nurse Day, I want to thank you for the work you do to enhance and maintain the well-being of Tucson Unified School District's students.

Keeping children healthy and in school is essential to their ability to focus, learn and achieve. Your work supports children when they are in need and helps keep them in the classroom, where they need to be.

I recently received some national statistics:

 • School nurses care for 10 million children across the country who have asthma, ensuring they have health care, get the medications they need, don't miss school and get to participate in physical activities.
 • Nurses help monitor and medicate the 23 percent of children nationwide who have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
 • School nurses watch over the 19 percent of our nation's children who have food allergies and the 20 percent who have mental health conditions.

Here in Tucson, I know that each day the 48 school nurses at TUSD are caring for our children, some of whom are represented in those statistics. That can mean administering medications for chronic illnesses, bandaging scrapes, giving pep talks to students who just don't feel their best and teaching children how to care for themselves.

Your role in the education of TUSD's children is vital. On this May 7, National School Nurse Day, I thank you for your work today and every day.


Heliodoro T. Sánchez