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Cavett Elementary's Marnie Amado Robles named Rodel Exemplary Teacher

Posted December 3, 2014

Marnie Amado Robles, a first-grade teacher at Cavett Elementary School, has been named a Rodel Exemplary Teacher for 2015.

Ms. Robles said she was overjoyed to learn she was chosen. “It is an honor, and I appreciate that my passion for teaching and dedication to children is being recognized.”

Each year, the Rodel Foundation of Arizona selects two teachers from each county who achieve outstanding student performance in high-need schools, have effective classroom practices and have the capacity to become strong mentors for future teachers. Winners agree to mentor Rodel student-teachers for three years, and Ms. Robles is eager to get started.

“As a Rodel Exemplary Teacher Mentor, I will work to ensure that my student teacher observes how I make learning a priority for my students,” Ms. Robles says. “It is my belief that all of my students can learn and that the work we do together each day will make a difference.”

The Exemplary Teacher selection process starts with the Rodel foundation, which looks at school data to identify teachers whose students show improvement year-to-year. The foundation narrows the field through additional research and then conducts classroom evaluations and interviews nominees.

Elsa Corral-Aguirre, principal at Cavett, said Ms. Robles’ commitment to students is inspiring, and she feels fortunate to have her on staff.

“Ms. Robles makes me want to roll up my sleeves and teach right alongside of her. I am humbled by her practice and her genuine commitment to her students, school, colleagues, and community,” Ms. Corral-Aguirre says. “Every day at 2:40, she walks her students out to their waiting parents and has one on one contact with each parent as she dismisses them, providing quick snippets of the day and how best to support their child at home.”

Ms. Robles said her students were ecstatic when they learned about the recognition. “This honor has served as a platform to encourage my students and motivate them to do their personal best each day,” she said. “It is a testament to them that with hard work, holding high expectations of yourself and being responsible, comes recognition and success.”

Photo of Marnie Robles
Marnie Amado Robles has been named a Rodel Exemplary Teacher for 2015.
(Photo courtesy of Rodel Foundation of Arizona.)