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Two Tucson Unified Schools named A+ Schools of Excellence

Posted May 4, 2015

Two Tucson Unified School District schools were recently named A+ Schools of Excellence by the Arizona Educational Foundation.

Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School and Carrillo K-5 Communication and Creative Awards Magnet School were recognized for outstanding work in the areas of student focus and support, school culture, active teaching and learning, curriculum, leadership community and achievement.

Dr. H.T. Sánchez, Tucson Unified superintendent, said the judging panel from the Arizona Educational Foundation got it right when it selected the schools.

"I would like to congratulate the students, teachers, staff and leadership at both schools for their outstanding work," he said.

Lori Conner, principal of Carrillo K-5, said she and her staff were overjoyed upon hearing the news, and Daniel Schulter, principal of Dodge, was grateful for the recognition.

"It's an acknowledgment and validation of all the hard work we've been doing for so many years," said Dr. Schulter. He also expressed gratitude to his teachers, staff, and facilities and custodial staff for getting their school in tip-top shape. "This truly was a community effort."

Dodge and Carrillo will celebrate their awards with events taking place at their schools. Dodge's will take place Thursday, May 7 at 2:50 pm, and Carrillo's on Monday, May 18 at 10 a.m.