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Manzo holds mural dedication

Posted May 15, 2015

Children gathered in a courtyard at Manzo Elementary School on Friday for the dedication of a new mural that depicts a Tohono O'odham calendar.

The children will use the calendar, which is based on the changing seasons in the desert and the rotation of traditional crops, in their ecology programs.

Lois Liston, an O'odham elder, performed a blessing of the mural. She thanked the students for "honoring us as desert people."

The mural was created by artist Joe Pagac along with parents and student helpers. He said he enjoyed the children, who often gathered to watch him work and peppered him with questions such as, "How long have you been an artist?" and "How do you make orange?"

Governing Board member Cam Juárez was also on hand for the dedication. He told the children that he had just learned at a visit to the school on Monday that the calendar runs counter-clockwise.

"When you start learning, as adults, from kids, we're doing something right," he said.

The ceremony ended with the children each touching the wall to share their energy with the mural.

 Photo of mural
From left: TUSD Board Member Cam Juárez; Lois Liston, an O'odham elder; Joe Pagac, the muralist, and Mark Alvarez, Manzo principal
Photo of mural
Lois Liston, an O’odham elder, performed a blessing of the mural.
 Photo of mural
Students touched the mural to share their energy with it.
 Photo of mural
Cam Juárez and Norma Gonzales, 3rd grade Manzo teacher, appreciate the mural.