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U.S. Representative Martha McSally learns about JTED/CTE at Catalina

Posted May 20, 2015

U.S. Rep. Martha McSally visited Catalina High School on Monday, May 11, 2015, to learn the ways that JTED/CTE (Career and Technical Education) classes prepare students for life after high school.

Instructor Jack Draper told Rep. McSally that the construction program at Catalina High School can be transformational for students and their families.

Rep. McSally visited the school at Mr. Draper's invitation. He, along with industry partners, described the skills students learn in the JTED/CTE classes and what could be lost under the current Arizona budget, which includes deep cuts for the school year 2016-2017.

"We've put kids whose families have struggled for generations into jobs at $18 an hour," Draper said.

Rep. McSally said she has three siblings who made careers related to construction, and she understands that good paying tradecrafts are essential.

She discussed a bill she is leading in Washington, D.C., that would allow veterans to use the G.I. Bill for pre-apprenticeships similar to the programs being offered at Catalina High School.

Industry partners including Tom Dunn of the Arizona Builders' Alliance, Ed Butchard of Barker Morrissey, Todd Schooler of Sun Mechanical, Mike Goodwin of Climatec and Ron Morlock, a Raytheon retiree were on hand to discuss the need for a trained workforce in their companies.

Mark Hanna, a member of the board of trustees for Pima Community College, and Patrick Lawless, chair of the Building Construction Technologies program at Pima were also on hand.

Rep. McSally met students in the program, including a recent graduate who is pursuing a degree in Aviation Management.

 Photo of McSally and students
Rep. McSally views student projects.
 Photo of Draper and McSally
Instructor Jack Draper discusses value of JTED programs with Rep. McSally.
 Photo of students
 Photo of students