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Volunteers help clean up after Manzo vandalism

Posted May 22, 2015

A group of newly hired Citi employees gathered at Manzo Elementary School on Friday to help clean up extensive damage caused by vandals earlier this week.

One of the main jobs was a painstaking one: To remove shattered glass from the greenhouse. The vandals broke several glass panels, sending shards into plant beds and the aquaponic system.

Five current and former students were also on campus, giving up their first day of summer to help clean up the ecology program that they helped build.

Jayden De La Rosa said when she started kindergarten at Manzo, the courtyard was empty. Now it has a vegetable garden, water cisterns, a natural area, the greenhouse, tilapia fish, chickens and a compost system. It's a rich learning environment that these children treasure.

She was shocked and sad when she learned the school had been vandalized.

Elizabeth Rendon, who works in customer service in Citi's mortgage department, said the vandals harmed children. "It was a low blow to the children," she said, adding that the cleanup effort is a community reinvestment.

Jayden said seeing the volunteers made her feel good. "People care about us," she said. "I'm going to say thank you to everyone."

The group heard about the vandalism thanks to the Educational Enrichment Foundation.

 Photo of volunteers  Photo of volunteers
 Photo of volunteers  Photo of volunteers