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Number of graduates at this high school: 30

Keynote speaker: Dr. H.T. Sánchez, Superintendent

Message for graduates: Online school isn't easy. "I know how much effort and time you've put in. Budgeting your time is the biggest challenge." Dr. Sánchez's wife is currently going to school online for her doctorate. He tells the graduates he knows they've worked at all hours of the night and day to get to this point.

Student speaker: Chardae Malone

Message for graduates: Chardae struggled at a traditional high school in the district, but her mom wouldn't let her give up. Chardae delivered a powerful speech about her determination to graduate. She entered Agave with 10 credits and earned the 13 she needed in just 14 months to get her diploma. Chardae almost couldn't make it through her speech as she thanked her mom and teachers for never giving up on her. After the ceremony she met Mr. Weaver in person for the first time and thanked him.

Sights and Sounds
Before the graduation the students were sitting together waiting to line up. They were very quiet and had never met each other before. It was intimate setting in the Governing Board room. The entire room cried during Chardae's speech. Strangers told her, "You've got this!" and supported her through it. The event was low key, but you could feel the emotion and pride from the families, friends and loved ones.

Student plans for the future (ask a bunch of kids and list them here)
Lindsay, Harvey and several other students mentioned Pima Community College as their next step. Tanner told us he plans to enter the military. Monica had more immediate plans: she was heading to work at Dairy Queen right after the ceremony! A co-worker covered her shift for her until she could get there.