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Mary Meredith

Number of graduates at this high school: 4

Keynote speaker: Underclassman Gabriel Valenzuela

Message for graduates
: You can do anything you put your minds to.

Student speakers: All four graduates - Vincent Warren Frazier, Miguel Malabet, Jonathan Murray, Dominic Soto

Message for graduates
: Vincent: "We made strides, even if it was difficult some days." Miguel: "I didn't think I would be here today, but here I am." Jonathan: "It's really important to graduate. Find something you love and do it."
Dominic: "I want to come back and visit. Thanks for the support."

Sights and Sounds

Mountain View String Quartet performing opening music
Elementary kids at Mary Meredith sing the star spangled banner
A lot of underclassmen came out to support their graduating classmates!

Future Plans: They didn't have plans yet, but they all wanted to enjoy the moment and their achievment.