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Number of graduates at this high school: 190

Keynote speakers: Dr. Abel Morado and Principal Cathy Comstock

Message for graduates: Dr. Morado began by thanking Cathy Comstock, who will be retiring in a few weeks, for her dedication to Tucson Unified and for having been an advocate for students. He honored and recognized each parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, family member, friend, and teacher who supported these students since kindergarten. Dr. Morado concluded by encouraging students to be the kind of person who uses civility to maneuver through situations.

Principal Comstock acknowledged Vice Principal Steve Cota-Robles who became her colleague in 2003, which was the same year that this graduating class began kindergarten. She congratulated the graduating class and recognized them for having earned $6.4 M in scholarships.

Student Speaker: Emelia Jimenez

Message: "No matter how much the world tries to hold you back, always remember that your dreams are possible... It is by overcoming our struggles that we find our true selves."

Student Speaker: Valedictorian Luna Ruiz

Message: Luna thanked the role models and families and noted that their lives will be changing, too. She reminded students to "endure the hardships to appreciate the sweetness," and emphasized that life is comprised of a series of passages. "Nurture your passions... and remain humble," she encouraged her classmates.

Sights and Sounds

Wind blowing the tassels
Scent of fresh-cut grass
Flashes from cameras in the stadiums
Cheers, bullhorns, and laughter
Smiles and tears

Future Plans: Gianni Berkiser will be joining the Navy. Lauren Sunne will study premed at PCC with the goal of becoming a pediatric nurse. Emily Jacques is moving to Kentucky where she will enroll in a community college. Dan Reveil will study at UA. Other students will be studying in colleges and universities around the country, serving in the military, working, and exploring life.