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Number of graduates at this high school: 330

Keynote speaker
: Scott Morrison, Chief Technology Officer at Tucson Unified School District

Message for graduates: The high school experience provides many good times, but a lot of challenges, too. Those challenges help you develop endurance, and finding you have endurance gives you faith. As graduates face challenges in the future, they will expand their endurance, and thereby expand their faith in themselves and in the world. With faith, comes hope. The world needs hope, and these graduates provide that to their friends, families and their community.

Student speakers
: Sahuaro's graduation featured several student speakers, including Richard Botkin, Gianni Romero, Miguel Rodriguez, Andrew Filiberti, Alea Balda, valedictorians Isabella Leonard and Taylor Hughes and salutatorian Carla Hernandez.

Message for graduates: Richard Botkin, student body president, provided a welcome for the ceremony. Richard is apparently known for corny jokes "What's green and would kill you if it fell out of a tree and onto you? A pool table"). He also paid tribute to his uncle, a Cougar whose life ended too soon.

Gianni Romero, senior class president, reminded her classmates about some of the ups and downs of the year (assemblies, loud and proud student section, sports victories and defeats) and drew cheers when she talked about the strength and bonds of the Class of 2016.

Andrew Filiberti, senior class senator, called upon Spongebob for inspiration. He put his own spin on the episode about what Mr. Squarepants learned in boating school and shared some of the things he learned in high school. That list included learning to be part of a team, becoming more vocal and involved, dreaming big because anything is possible and that it's not a bad idea to call your mom to sign you out of school when you have to go to the bathroom. He called that freedom.

Sights and Sounds

Assistant Principal RJ Lundstrom giving grief to Ian Kidd, student council president for holding up the procession with hugs and congratulations. Mr. Kidd's response? He can't help it if the students love him.
Presentation of the senior gift: The second part of the graduation stage. The Class of 2016 challenges the Class of 2017 to complete the stage.
"What do you call an owl who is a magician? Whooo-dini," – Student speaker Richard Botkin has more jokes!
Sahuaro celebrated its international students from Brazil, Germany, Ecuador and Japan.
Children chasing red confetti as it blew along the ground and swirled in the wind.
Shivering people in the stands on a remarkably cool night for late May.
Fireworks to end the ceremony.

Future Plans
Shelby Lundgren: Pima Community College to possibly begin studying for a career in nursing:
Samuell Brown: University of Arizona to study psychology
Audrey Balda: Two-week trip to Europe (Germany, Poland, Austria) and then to Pima Community College
Naadiya McClendon: Pima Community College
Cameron Carr: Northern Arizona University