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Number of graduates at this high school: 11

Keynote speaker: Dr. Sánchez, Adelita Grijalva

Message for graduates: Dr. Sánchez: "You’re the definition of success to your kids as their parents who have graduated. Don’t let this be the last stage you walk across." Adelita Grijalva: "You have all overcome humongous obstacles."

Student speakers
: Sabrina Carrasco, Alana Hayes, Desiree Villegas

Message for graduates
: Sabrina: "We are all perfect in our own way." Alana: "I have a great support system." Desiree: "TAP was the only school I have been to that actually cared about ME, which helped me graduate."

Sights and Sounds

Babies, babies and more babies! Babies in gowns!
Avryana Aros, an underclassman at TAP, signing "Climb" by Miley Cyrus to signify her classmates overcoming extreme obstacles.
Esmeralda Lugo Hidalgo winning a scholarship to beauty school.

Future Plans

Desiree Renee Villegas – Attend school out of state to be a registered nurse
Helena Leticia Howard – Attend Pima College and take acting classes
Sabrina Nicole Carrasco – Attend Pima College and become an immigration lawyer or social worker
Amber Elaine Osborne – Attend beauty school and then go to college after
Melanie Lisa Lara Newton – Attend nursing school