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Tucson High School

Number of graduates: 596

Keynote speaker: Adelita S. Grijalva, President, Tucson Unified Governing Board

Message for graduates: President Grijalva congratulated students, their family members, and their teachers on their success and encouraged students to strive for success in their futures.

Student speakers: Logan J. Miller, Pearl E. Dixon, Ladan Navari and Kailey Sammons.

Messages for graduates: The student speakers encouraged their fellow graduates to be ready for the real world. One provided a four-year retrospective with samples of music to illustrate the mood of each grade. Ladan Nafari shared how it was to be a new student from a foreign country at Tucson High and gave thanks for the acceptance from others.

Sights and Sounds (at least three)

Signs congratulating graduates and huge photos of graduates.
Graduates holding down sashes and hats because of the wind.
Family members cheering loudly as the name of their graduate is read, sirens, noise makers and poppers.
Family and friends in long embraces with graduates. Friends and families lined up along fence anxiously waiting to storm the field and congratulate their graduate. People with big smiles on their faces. Tears of joy with a lot of hugs.

Students' plans for the future: Lisa Ly -Plans to attend Pima college, and Alyssa Cota-Robles plans to attend cosmetology school. Other students will be studying at univerities and colleges, serving in the military, and working.