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TUSD steps up to prevent bullying

With the onset of October, Tucson Unified School District has been joining in on anti-bullying awareness. Governing Board member Cam Juárez has traveled to multiple schools to inform students about bullying and ways to diffuse situations with bullies respectfully. Mr. Juárez provided statistics about the negative effects of bullying and shared stories about raising self-esteem in effort to help kids prevent the spread of bullying at their schools.

The speeches were held at elementary schools and geared toward the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, who are the upperclassmen at their schools and therefore influence the younger students with their actions. The idea is that if the older elementary students set a positive example for the younger students, the solution to bullying will get passed down and grow organically throughout the school.

Check out excerpts from Mr. Juárez's speech at Marshall Elementary: