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Carrillo Ben's Bells Bellee of the Week

Bob Holl showed up to Carrillo K-5 Magnet on Wednesday morning, September 30, expecting to help Ben's Bells surprise his wife, Marta Goodwin, with a Bellee of the Week award. As the ceremony began, however, he received a surprise of his own: Ben's Bells was awarding him as well.

"Today we're really blessed to be here at Carrillo celebrating Marta and Bob for their acts of kindness," Ben's Bells Kindness Education Coordinator Celeste Goguen said. "All they've been doing to help out families in need here at Carrillo and in general throughout the community."

Mrs. Goodwin shed some more light on the story, one that included Bob and her taking in a homeless refugee family.

"I saw them at a restaurant, they were very tired, and so I just offered to help them out," Mrs. Goodwin said. "[We] brought the family home for four or five days."

Mrs. Goodwin went on to explain that the family has a son attending the U of A who is still staying with them, but the family has since moved on and recently found an apartment.

Nina Hickman, a learning coordinator for both Carrillo and Pueblo Gardens, the couple. She attended the surprise, along with principal Lori Conner and other faculty and parents who supported the nomination. The group took turns sharing their stories about how Mr. Holl and Mrs. Goodwin helped their children and the school.

"My dad used to say it doesn't cost anything to be kind to somebody," Mrs. Goodwin explained.

Goguen beamed at the character of Mr. Holl and Mrs. Goodwin, discussing why people like them make it a joy for her to travel around and hand out the weekly award.

"They're just such wonderful examples of what you can do to make a difference in someone's life."