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Celebrating National Farm to School Month - Garden to Cafeteria event at Manzo Elementary School

Photo of activity boardOn Wednesday, October 28, 2015, the entire school body of Manzo Elementary School showed their pride and love for their school garden by jubilantly washing their hands to harvest the bounty in their fall garden.

Over 300 students harvested a total of 32 pounds of swiss chard, spinach, basil, lettuce, and the tiniest of carrots. After a washing, the produce was taken to TUSD's central kitchen where it was turned into Manzo's Big Green Dip, which was served the following day on the cafeteria line as a dip with baby carrots.

Activity boards allowed students to engage with their harvesting experience, gardening knowledge, and engage in conversation about their very own taste buds!

Here are some of the questions and results that learned through the activity boards:

How did the students like it?
Many kids loved the dip!

Photo of activity boardCould the students guess what the dip was made out of and why it was so green?

They loved guessing and helped each other remember what they harvested the day before.

Would students that were scared to try The Big Green Dip be willing to try it?

Students that were nervous to try the dip were encouraged by adult leaders and their classmates alike to consider trying something new. Student felt courageous and good, even if they ended up not liking the dip. Everyone got hi-fives!

Did student remember what a tiny harvested carrot looked like from their activities the previous day?

Many students did and helped jog the memories of their classmate that did not remember.
Photo of Students
Manzo’s Big Green Dip was made in a food processor with heaps of harvested greens, parmesan cheese, plain yogurt, and minced garlic.
photo of students in gardenphoto of students in garden