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UHS seniors compete in school debates

There was not a seat to be had in the RUHS auditorium Wednesday morning, January 27. The annual UHS Senior Debates had commenced, and the energy at University High was electric.

One by one Superintendent H.T. Sánchez, the moderator for the event, called the four parties up to deliver their opening statements on foreign and domestic policies. Each introduction and closing was met by boisterous cheers from their fellow party members and the audience.

"It's a big event here at UHS," explained UHS sophomore Anna Valenzuela. "The seniors create parties and the juniors vote based on their platforms."

Though Valenzuela was not eligible to vote due to her sophomore standing, she was one of many attendees that included underclassmen, parents and teachers.

The event also garners heavy attention on social media, where many students will post comments on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as the two and a half hour debate proceeds.

"A lot of people follow the tweets," remarked senior Mackenzie Rod, a member of Party Summit. "That's one of the most interesting parts of the debate.

Seniors Breana Robinson and Alex Bohland , members of Party Spectrum, discussed the extensive work that went into the event.

"We've been preparing for this for weeks," said Robinson, referring to both the campaigns and the physical propaganda. "Everything you see here in the auditorium has been prepared for weeks," added Bohland.

The auditorium indeed was clad with displays, posters, spotlights and even hanging mobiles promoting the four parties. In addition to Party Summit and Party Spectrum were Party Sun and Party Atlas. Once the juniors heard from all four parties, they returned to class to vote.