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Alice Vail music teacher wins prestigious award

Diana West Acuña has been a member of the Arizona Music Educators Association since she started teaching 24 years ago in 1992, and those entire 24 years she has known about the O.M. Hartsell Excellence in Teaching Music Award, which was presented to her this year.

"Most of the [music] educators in Arizona are members of the AMEA," Mrs. West Acuña explained. "It was exciting and humbling."

Mrs. West Acuña, who has taught music at Alice Vail for 20 of her 24 years, attends the AMEA convention up in Phoenix every January. It was a much different trip for her this year, however, when she faced the to receive her award.

"It was all just sort of a blur," she recalled. "When your own peers recognize you as a teacher of excellence, you know, that's the highest honor you can get."

Mrs. West Acuña was honored at the February 9th governing board meeting for the award, and she was thrilled to have the district support her throughout the process.

"I've been blessed with this position for all these years, and the fact that TUSD trusts me and is happy with the work that I've done for them… that makes me happy."