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Students honored at inaugural Honor Roll Dinner at Catalina

The Catalina cafeteria was full of smiles, smells and laughter as the sun set on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Parents and students sat together as teachers and administrators passed out plates of spaghetti and refilled water glasses. It was the inaugural Honor Roll Dinner at Catalina, a vision of Principal Kathryn Shaw.

"It was something I wanted to do to serve the students who come to school every day and they do their best and they work hard and they act like scholars," explained Mrs. Shaw. "This was really a ceremony to honor our students and their families."

Mrs. Shaw understands the importance of a family for a student. She went on to discuss how the support system of parents, guardians, siblings and friends really contributes to a student's success, which is why they were invited alongside their students who achieved honor roll.

Sophomore Sonny Pugh-Holmes, a first-timer on honor roll, discussed what led to this moment.

"Goals change," he discussed, referencing his years prior to Catalina. "Freshman year I actually started my own goals to do something great. This is the first time I ever made honor roll, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself."

On the other side of the table from Sonny while he ate sat Jesus Ballesteros, a senior who would like to get into art and tattooing.

"I can say it feels great," said Jesus. "I'm honored to know that graduation will come for me very soon. It's going to be great – I can say that for a fact."

The spaghetti was a home recipe that the Catalina faculty pitched in to help cook, serve, and clean up for over 200 in attendance. Sonny and Jesus were impressed.

"I didn't know my teachers could throw it down like that in the kitchen!" Sonny added, with a laugh.

Jesus agreed, "I can say one thing – it was delicious!"