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Flags for TAP from Tucson Police Department

Photo of Police and womanThe Tucson Police Department visited Teenage Parent High School last week to deliver new flags for the classrooms. The goal was to emphasize the theme of community engagement and the role education plays. Newly appointed Tucson Chief of Police Chris Magnus addressed the student body and discussed how the U.S. flag symbolizes the strength required to contribute to a community and country.

Officer Bradley Clark echoed Magnus and talked about the history of the appearance of the flag on uniforms and vehicles in the time of war. Clark told TAP the story of Gail Halvorsen, who is better known as The Berlin Candy Bomber. Halvorsen engineered Operation "Little Vittles" during the Berlin Airlift and delivered candy to needy children VIA his C-54 cargo aircraft. Clark's story underscored the importance of helping others to make the community as a whole better.

Officer Clark and his partner, Officer Chris Foley, fostered the donation of the U.S. flags to TAP with the help of Paul and Brianna Volpe, who funded the effort. All of the involved Photo of police and babyparties were on hand for the assembly, including TPD Lieutenants Jennifer Turner and Bart Rohr, and Officer Dan Lucas.

Photo of policeThe effort was gracious, but the message was more important: getting involved in a community, whether it is Tucson or the entire country makes everything and everyone better. The takeaway for TAP's student body was how getting an education can help their efforts in the community. High school diplomas are required for many of the careers the students seek, such as nursing, sonography and even law enforcement.