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Pueblo's Community Based Instruction catches March Madness

Pueblo's Community Based Instruction students caught March Madness last week when they hosted the annual basketball tournament for exception education programs across Tucson. Pueblo CBI has been involved in the event since it started at Flowing Wells several years ago.

"It's an event for students with special needs so that they can have their own tournament and be with their peers and develop relationships," explained Pueblo CBI instructor David Hooper.

Hooper works with the Tucson Life Skills Educators group to help plan the event, one in which the students look forward to every year.

"We work so hard for each other and we look after each other," explained Pueblo student Alyssa Tapia.

Tapia discussed how excited everyone is in the days leading up to the tournament and how much fun it is to compete with teammates while making new friends at other schools. Students from Amphitheater High School and Flowing Wells High School competed in the event this year.

Hooper summed it up best. "It's such a fun event for the kids and it gives them a chance to be an all-star for the day."