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Students learn about legislation when U. S. Representative visits

On Friday, April 8th, U.S. Representative Martha McSally visited three schools in Tucson Unified School District on Tucson's east side. Rep. McSally spoke on various political topics at Sahuaro High School, explained how a bill becomes a law at Gale Elementary and gave a riveting speech to Santa Rita seniors about overcoming odds to become the first female combat pilot in the U.S.

At all three locations, Rep. McSally also fielded questions from students about various political topics. The themes that ran through her discussions included using her military background to develop her core values as a congresswoman, her disapproval of political infighting at the campaign level and on Capitol Hill, and the importance of understanding which levels of government handle which issues – particularly regarding education funding.

Particular questions from the three schools centered on similar topics, such as equal pay for women, integrity in politics, illegal immigration and the state of educational funding.

Rep. McSally was vocal about her support for women's rights, advocating for equal pay but also encouraging women to pursue better opportunities to be in a position for better pay. She discussed her pursuit to get the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) from WWII recognized by the U.S. Army and allow their burial in Arlington Cemetery.

At Gale Elementary, 5th grade students in Mrs. Himes' class presented a summary of three of Rep. McSally's own proposed legislatures to her, before sharing some bills they drafted themselves. The topics the class covered with their bills included bullying, clean drinking water and safety.