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Catalina High School students learn from a survivor about dangers of cell phone use and driving

Brendan Lyons knows firsthand the consequences of distracted driving. The former firefighter has twice been struck by a distracted motorist while riding his bicycle, forcing him to an early retirement. Brendan's passion to end the issue of cell phone use in cars has influenced his role as the executive director of Look! Save a Life, and he recently took his message to Catalina High School to encourage student drivers to put the cell phone away and focus on the road.

"[The accidents] came very close to taking my life, and now I'm out here trying to spread this message so this doesn't happen to anyone else," Brendan explained.

Brendan showed Catalina High School students different videos, including one with 911 dispatch calls from his accident and pictures of him during his recovery. The students also heard testimony from Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos and another survivor of a distracted driving incident.

The presentation wrapped up with David Hazan presenting a cell phone app he developed called Down for the Count. The app uses GPS to calculate trips in cars and rewards drivers with gift cards when they successfully complete a trip without using their cell phone.

"Being mindful of the distracted driving situation is what it's about so that potentially, in the future, it's not going to be like another instance like what happened to Brendan," David explained to the students.

For more information on Look! Save a Life, you can visit their website.